Leveraging the Mutual Strengths of Human and Artificial Intelligence

Humans and today’s AI exhibit strongly complementary skills and “forms of intelligence”. Our goal is to explore and develop new human-centric paradigms for AI that intertwine humans and machines in a more collaborative and mutually beneficial process. Therefore, we adopt a transdisciplinary research approach that combines data mining, machine learning, interactive visualisation, visual analytics, and human-computer interaction.

Research Focus

In our research, we focus on the deeper integration of humans and machines through interaction and collaboration. In this context, the learning process of humans and AI is conceived as a joint process involving both humans and machines in which they enter into a bidirectional dialogue to jointly solve a problem. This allows synergies to be exploited on both sides. The learning process of the AI can be guided by the expertise of humans and thus better aligned with the actual user purpose or need.

Human intuition and perception can be leveraged to quickly discover complex patterns, which is often difficult for AI. Beyond this, the collaborative process supports humans in gaining deeper insights into the AI, its workings and learning progress, which can lead to increased explainability, transparency, and trust.

Our collaborative and human-centred approach to AI has numerous fields of application. Wherever AI-based assistance systems are to be integrated, it can help to adapt the systems to the actual requirements of the users to iteratively improve AI methods and to make them more transparent. Especially in areas where large amounts of unlabelled data are available, collaborative learning can help to bootstrap and accelerate the training of AI systems. Concrete application areas are shown below.

Research foci in the field of human-centred AI include


VALiD - Visual Analytics in Data-Driven Journalism

As data journalists face increasingly complex and heterogeneous data, the research project works on suitable Visual Analytics methods and their integration into journalistic workflows.

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